Deep matt clear polyurethane finishes with maximum resistance to polishing
(LGA6086 Series/Gloss) 


IVM Chemicals research has now achieved a new major goal: the formulation of a series of very matt finishes which ensures the aesthetic enhancement of surfaces with maximum resistance to polishing.

Extramatt Milesi (LGA6086 Series/Gloss): a true innovation in wood matt finishes. All furnishings become elegantly matt and extremely resistant to polishing and stresses, a crucial requirement to ensure that the beauty of all matt furnishings lasts over the years.

The tests performed on surfaces coated with Extramatt Milesi have shown excellent chemical and mechanical resistance to stresses decidedly higher than those affecting surfaces treated with traditional matt polyurethane varnishes.

Extramatt Milesi is available in two different gloss levels (4 - 10 gloss) and is suitable for both clear and pigmented cycles.